2011 Immersive Visualization Competition

Sponsored by NVIDIA and the Institute for Scientific Computation

The IVC, in conjunction with the Institute for Scientific Computation, is pleased to announce its sixth annual Scientific Visualization Competition for Texas A&M University students. Through this competition, students will gain hands-on experience with the IVC's advanced visualization technology and will demonstrate their proficiency with visualization techniques and software.

Scientific visualization is the graphical representation of scientific data to gain insight and understanding of the data. For example, meteorologists use images of radar data to visually understand the path of a thunderstorm. Chemists create 3D models of molecular structures to visualize bonds and bond angles. Artistic visualizations may be even more open-ended. In fact, the possibilities are endless - with a little creativity, any research area can benefit from visual images. For this reason, the IVC is opening this competition to any Texas A&M student (graduate students and undergraduates alike) in any department and any major.

For this competition, students will create a visualization using data of their choosing and will be judged based on visual appeal, scientific accuracy or artistic merit (as applicable), and verbal presentation. Students must submit a proposal explaining what they plan to visualize. The students with the best proposals will be selected to implement their proposals and present their final results for judging. The top project will receive an NVIDIA Quadro 6000. Second and third place each will receive an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480.

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Important Dates

Q: I missed the information meeting. May I still participate in the competition?

A: Absolutely! Just send an e-mail to staff //AT// ivc.tamu.edu and let us know about your projct.

Proposal Details

Participants are required to submit a brief proposal (1 page or less, pictures welcome) explaining what dataset or concept they wish to explore and summarize the visualization they plan to create. To encourage creativity and participation from multiple disciplines, no restrictions will be placed on the dataset or concept to be visualized. Participants can create their own dataset, utilize a public dataset, or obtain a dataset from Texas A&M researchers or a corporate sponsor, or create something of an artistic, interpretive nature Proposals must be submitted via e-mail to

staff //AT// ivc.tamu.edu

Students will be notified of their selection and will be granted a computer account on the IVC systems to begin work on their visualization. Participants will present their final results in the IVC for judging on Friday, November 4, 2011. We strongly urge you to begin work on your project as early as possible.


To qualify, participants must be a full-time student enrolled at Texas A&M University during the Fall 2011 semester. All majors are encouraged to participate. Both individuals and teams may compete. Only one proposal may be submitted per person/team.

Participants may develop their visualizations on any system, but the final results must be compatible with the hardware and software available in the IVC. Participants are responsible for ensuring that their results will perform as expected in the IVC. They may request that additional software be installed by IVC staff, but such requests are not guaranteed to be accepted.

Judging and Awards

On the day of the competition, each student will present a five to ten minute demonstration of his or her results. Entries will be judged based on

Judges will consist of Texas A&M faculty and staff and previous competition winners. Judges will use metrics as well as their subjective opinion to compare the quality of the entries and choose the winners. The best project will receive an NVIDIA Quadro 6000, the cutting-edge in graphics hardware. Second and third place each will receive an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480.

Last year's competition results are available here.