2013 Immersive Visualization Competition

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Once again, NVIDIA has partnered with us to offer up some outstanding prizes in the form of two NVIDIA GeForce GTX780 graphics cards and one NVIDIA Shield gaming/entertainment console. Entrants will be judged on academic merit, visual impact, usage of the IVC resources, and their presentation.

2012 Immersive Visualization Competition

The Seventh Annual Immersive Visualization Competition was held on November 9, 2011, and once again saw a strong field of entries. We're truly impressed by the quality of work turned in by this group of A&M students! Entrants for the 2012 Immersive Visualization Competition were:

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Smooth Particle Hydrodynamics(SPH) Simulation in CUDA

Billy Clack- First Place

SPH (smooth particle hydrodynamics) is a way to simulate fluids through a set of discrete mass points (known as particles) which carry information through the fluid, such as velocity and mass. The SPH simulation can be viewed in order to visualize various fields such as pressure or density. Both a 2D and a 3D representation of the SPH field are implemented. The entire SPH algorithm is implemented on the GPU using CUDA in order to achieve real-time performance with a moderate amount of particles.

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Stereo Abstract

Youyou Wang - Runner Up

This work presents a method that can easily convert real photograph into stereo abstract-style image use existing abstract paintings. For any given abstract image, an estimated depth map is built and for any input real photographs, gradient vector flow is calculated as edge diffusion map. A disparity map will be built as a multiplication of depth map and edge diffusion map. Then, it can be sued to generate stereo images.

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Turbulence Visualization

Agustin Maqui, Aditya. Konduri

An insight into cloud formation and thermal non-equilibrium triggered turbulence
Turbulence is an important aspect of flows in natural phenomena and engineering systems. Understanding its properties is crucial and visualization plays a major role in this pursuit. In this presentation, the features of turbulence in two different flows - atmospheric clouds and turbulence generation through concentrated momentum sources- will be illustrated

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Treatment of Acrophobia

Spencer Denning

In this project viewers were "place" on the top of a skyscraper and were visually moved quickly towards the ground and above the skyscrapers roofing. This projection project was based on a 2008 Malaysian study that treated sufferers of Acrophobia (the fear of heights) in a similar manner.

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The Dining Table

Anahita Salimi

The work presents a photorealistic rendering of a dinner table using Pixar's render engine Renderman. 3D Modeling was done in Autodesk Maya and the scene post-processed in Adobe PhotoShop.

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Zen and the Art of Car Maintenance

Evan Andrews, Kay Leigh Farley, Colin Gordon

The purpose of our instillation is to utilize the phenomenon "highway hypnosis" to help a user reach a meditative mindset. The rolling, repeating scenery and white noise of roaring wind mixed with the sound of rubber on asphalt, audience will feel less stressed, anxious, or depressed while also increasing their creativity, awareness, and focus